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Welcome to OnePoint Alliance!

OnePoint Alliance is a family owned and operated company that offers painting, project management, marketing and design services.

Our company had its beginnings when I partnered with my brother-law, William Helu. We had both been painting for several years – I had my start with Student Painters while attending the University of California at Davis and Bill had his with Custom Painting & Decorating in Reno, Nevada. After I married his sister, Bill and I opened High Sierra Painting & Decorating in 1995.

From the very beginning, we set the goal to build a business that was unlike any other in the painting industry. With that goal in mind, we created our first mission statement that continues to guide every decision we make: “Striving to be the most professional, skilled, and responsive painting company in the marketplace.” With our rapid expansion into Northern California, Idaho, and Colorado areas, we decided to rebrand High Sierra Painting & Decorating to simply HSP Painting Company.

After the Great Recession, Bill and I were forced to close our doors. In 2011, I relocated to Austin and reopened HSP Painting Company with my daughters, son-in-law and nephew joining our team. Bill reopened shortly thereafter and continues to operate successfully with my nephews in the Reno/Tahoe area.

In 2019, I saw a need to bring like-minded and similar performing contractors together so we could refer one another to our residential customers. Thus I created our second company named OnePoint Contractors Group. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic caused us to grow at a slower pace, we still experienced growth by adding a number of excellent contractors. I also saw an opportunity to offer project management and design services to our clients- real estate agents and their clients.

OnePoint, a combination that works

In 2023, I decided that I needed to combine HSP Painting Company and OnePoint Contractors Group into one cohesive company: OnePoint. The combined company would still be guided by HSP’s mission statement and would still partner with amazing contractors. Most importantly, OnePoint would make sense to our customers and provide THE FOUR POINTS OF VALUE:

OnePoint Design Services
OnePoint Contractors Group
OnePoint Painting Company

Our Founder

I am proud to introduce our family’s business to you and your family.

We look forward to working with you.

PJ Guarino

Team Members


PJ Guarino


PJ is the founder and president of OnePoint Alliance. As an entrepreneur, he has consulted on or owned over 15 businesses. His true passion, however, is his family and his ministry. In addition to four children, three of which work for OnePoint, he has three grandchildren and 17 nieces and nephews.


Emelia Guarino Cruz

Marketing Coordinator Administration Assistant

Emelia is the Marketing Manager and Vice President of OnePoint Alliance and the daughter of PJ. She has been working in the marketing field for the last 7 years. She loves being able to see her ideas come to life. She enjoys adventuring around the world with her husband Michael. In her free time she loves trying new restaurants and spending time with their three Australian Shepards.


Michael Cruz

Project Manager

Michael is the Project Manager and Vice President of OnePoint Alliance and son-in-law to PJ. He has been working in customer service/sales for the past 7 years and joined the family business when he married Emelia. Outside of work, Michael enjoys hunting for new coffee shops & traveling with his wife Emelia.

Darrien Watkins

Darrien Watkins

Production Manager

Darrien is the Production Manager for OnePoint Alliance and PJ’s nephew. He learned the ins and outs of painting from his father-in-law when he worked for HSP Painting Company in Reno, Nevada. Moving to Austin, he brought that knowledge and passion to the OnePoint Team. Outside of work, Darrien enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Evesi Guarino

Evesi Guarino

Design & Staging Consultant

Evesi is a certified Designer and Stager for OnePoint Design Services and is the twin sister of Emelia. She loves being able to help clients turn a house into their dream home. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

Mandy Clark

Mandy Clark

Administrative Manager

Mandy is the Administrative Manager for OnePoint Alliance. She has almost 20 years experience working in finance, human resources and business administration. When she is not working, Mandy enjoys serving in her community and spending time with her four adult children.

Jason Vent

Jason Vent

Project Manager

Jason has been in and around the construction field for over 18 years. He has worked in different areas of the construction process such as home inspection, customer care and home warranty, kitchen and bath cabinetry and countertops, larger scale remodels, and ground up construction. He enjoys the creative process and building relationships with vendors and clients alike. In his free time, Jason enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter and game nights with family and friends.

James Nelson'

James Nelson

Business Development Manager

James is the Business Development Manager and brings over 30 years of experience working for several Fortune 100 companies and being a business owner. James believes in simplicity in life and in work. When he’s not making tremendous contributions to organizations, he can be found sharing positive messages with the community, DJing as a hobby and spending quality time with family and friends.

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